For Teachers

About the Resource

East Dunbartonshire’s War is a secondary schools’ teaching and learning resource about the experience of the First World War in East Dunbartonshire.

The resource addresses learning outcomes at levels 3 and 4 of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. It uses cross-curricular approaches to meet outcomes in Social Studies, Literacy, Expressive Arts and Health & Wellbeing aspects of the curriculum. 

East Dunbartonshire’s War makes extensive use of original records from East Dunbartonshire Archives service, including newspaper reports, official documents, personal diaries, letters from soldiers, diagrams and photographs.

The resource consists of ten stand-alone topics under three broad themes. Each topic uses a set of original records as source material, and has its own topic book of student notes and activities for groups and individuals to undertake. 

The whole resource is modular in structure, meaning that a teacher can extract a single activity for use in a lesson, put together a set of lessons from different topics, or use a whole topic over several lessons.

Charts showing details about the structure and content of the resource, and listing the records used in each topic, are included in the Teacher Notes.